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    Joseph Gocong Joseph Gocong just wrote a tip for

    Escobedo Transport Service, LLC.

    BE WARNED THIS GUY WILL WASTE YOUR TIME, YOUR MONEY AND HE WILL SUCK ALL OF THE HOPE YOU HAVE LEFT OUT OF YOUR SOUL FOR PEOPLE WHO PROVIDE SERVICES AND REMAIN TRUE TO THEIR WORD. I Booked this person through U-Ship. Absolutely a terrible experience. This guy cancels jobs at the last moment, refuses to communicate through conventional means, and expects his customers to just let him call all of the shots. Being a logistics provider he presumes that appointments are not part of the deal and if you booked his service and then made plans to meet him someplace to ensure he receives his pickup he will tell you that it is not his fault why you chose to go the place of origin after making your agreement with him to meet. Weather it is a specific time or a window of opportunity. Direct Quote from email AUG 11 2017 - "For your information although I spend most of my life behind bars or on the streets of Compton, CA. I just happen to have an extremely high IQ. My record will not allow me to get a position just anywhere. So before you go running your mouth allow me to stop you. There is no need. If you feel different be advised I have no brakes. The blindness you speak of is very common in people that are tight wads. We flex our price so you flex your schedule. Im not the genius that jumped the gun and planned all this off time from work and assumed that the driver shows up at the snap of my fingers." To get out of jobs he will lie through his teeth. Uship Cancelation Request - "After speaking with the customer I asked to communicate VIA email because of my sleeping behavior which has no specific hours unless it was an emergency. He decided to call and text before email resulting in a cancellation on one job and a delay on another, In addition he is under the impression that the vehicle will be picked up immediately the same day he says it is finally ready to go. I mentioned that I am not local. I asked him not to ask what time because we had not agreed on a date yet and he asked what time. Because my instructions did not get followed, I cannot accommodate this shipment. It would require I rush and That I do not do. Safety comes first." All he needed to do was contact me and let me know what his plans were and I would have been happy to oblige. BE WARNED HE WILL WASTE YOUR TIME, YOUR MONEY AND HE WILL SUCK ALL OF THE HOPE YOU HAVE LEFT OUT OF YOUR SOUL FOR PEOPLE WHO PROVIDE SERVICES.